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Radio Clandestino playlist 3/18

It's great to get so much good feedback to Radio Clandestino. I appreciate everyone who tunes in to the underground medium that is eclectic citizen radio. The magical world of the internet has made it possible for local stations to be heard across the globe. Thanks to that everyone can hear near & far, arguably more clearer than ever. Your continued support is appreciated. Thanks to all the labels and bands who keep me well updated on the funkier side of things. It's a blessing to get to hear new music all the time. And to have the time to do so is another luxury I have stolen for myself. 

Catch Radio Clandestino with Andujar every Monday 230-430pm (ET) at WMUA.

Playlist 3/18/13: 

A very funky album from this 70s afro rock band featuring three of South Africa's Blue Notes in exile (Pukwana, Feza, Moholo). 

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath..."Andromeda"...Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath...(Neon)
Another group here who's membership included the three Blue Notes mentioned above and led by another ex-Blue Note, white pianist McGregor. All were in exile from apartheid and made their mark in the international jazz scene and they continued to work together in various projects.

Noah Howard Group..."Olé"...v/a-Spiritual Jazz 4: Americans in Europe...(Jazzman)
The fourth volume in Jazzman's series. The concept of "spiritual" jazz is quite an expansive (and interpretive) marketing angle but the music here is fantastic. This volume focuses on Americans in exile from the racism of their country. As a longtime "free jazz" fanatic, much of the tunes on this comp have been heard and appreciated by my ears and so I am quite excited to be adding this to my regular playlists. Howard was an underrated alto player who was a "new music" baby. Meaning he debuted in the free jazz era. His release on Eremite (not heard on this comp) is another fucking amazing highlight from his varied catalog. All in all, you would do well to check out this Jazzman compilation.

John Coltrane..."Greensleeves"/"India"...The Other Village Vanguard Tapes...(Impulse)
A session featuring several additional instrumentalists (Ahmed Abdul-Malik's oud!), you really can't go wrong with Coltrane (who stands like a god to me). I've always loved the cover illustration by Don Moore.

Build An Ark..."Dawn"...45...(Kindred Spirits)
This tune has been stuck in my head for a week straight so I decided to share it with the listeners. An uplifting vibe always makes for a good song.

Digital Primitives..."Digital Primitives"...Digital Primitives...(Hopscotch)

Pyramid Blue..."Judas Comen Habas"...Pyramid Blue...(Lovemonk)
A very cool release from this outstanding Madrid-based ensemble.

Nana Love..."Talking About Music"...Disco Documentary Full Of Funk...(Nestor)
Great funky vocal scream. A tune that deserves a reissue.

Geraldo Pino..."Shake Hands" pt 2...45...(Peanut)
Our hero Pino sometimes likes to get a little funkadelic with it...

Warhead Construction..."Graceful Bird"...45...(Afrodesia)
Edgy Nigerian rock that needs a reissue.

De Frank & his Professionals..."Waiting for my Baby"...Psychedelic Man...(Ride Away)

Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra..."Ministry of Aggression"...Toward Other Worlds...(First Word)
Space is the place.

Shokazoba..."Script Reader" (dub version)
Remix by Andrew Fogliano.

Eskorzo Afrobeat Experience..."El Muro"...Hypnotic Covers EP...(Ennegro)
Despite The Wall being my least fave 70s Floyd album, the hit single title track is an absolute classic FUCK-YOU! to authority. So it was only a matter of time before someone did an afrobeat version. Spain's Eskorzo do it nicely on their all-covers EP.

Diplomats of Solid Sound..."Give Me One More Chance"...v/a-Record Kicks' 10th...(Record Kicks)
An absolute gem of a tune and a favorite on Radio Clandstino since it first came out in 2010.

Kokolo..."Soul Power" (Lack of Afro rmx)...v/a-Record Kicks' 10th...(Record Kicks)          
Milan's Record Kicks has delivered us some fine, funky music through the last ten years. My dancers love many of the RK jams I have thrown at them through the years. Record Kicks is still churning out floor-burners ten years on! These are two cuts from a whole batch of groovy items from the label's 10th Anniversary comp.

Yerba Buena! w/ M-1 of Dead Prez..."Fever"...Island Life...(Razor & Tie)
Fucking great cover of the Kenyan funk classic. Original version can be heard here.

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem..."A Mi Señora"...Vamos Bien...(self released digital)

Zaperoko...Mañenguito percussion interlude

Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu..."Victory"...Life Stories...(Strut)
A live staple in Shokazoba's sets, the tune is a familiar one to the followers of New England's top funk outfit. But we have to give massive respect to the original by Ghanaian bandleader Ebo Taylor.

Rudresh Mahanthappa..."Waiting is Forbidden"...Gamak...(ACT)

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