Friday, May 7, 2010

Funky Fridays!

Just wanted to hip y'all to the Funky Friday show on WRSI (The River). Not only does Phil play all sorts of groovy music every Friday from 7-midnight, but he also sometimes has guests. Tonight (5/7) will be the one & only DJ Bongohead who is sure to mix in some latin funk, bugalĂș and salsa. And next week (5/14) it will be me, Andujar. I'll be selecting funk, soul, latin and african sounds. Of course, being commercial radio, these will be pre-recorded as there is no way I can be in two places at once (as we'll be running our Sweet Exorcist monthly at the People's Pint simultaneously). So if you're too antisocial to go out that night, you can always tune in! Funky Friday in Philville on the River 7-midnight.

(Image courtesy of The River)

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