Monday, November 23, 2009

Wednesday Night Jams!

I'll be filling in for the esteemed Victor Signore on "Tabula Rasa". I've been long a fan of this eclectic radio show broadcast Wednesday nights at Victor mixes up various ideas on sound, from abstract percussive avant-garde to "ethnic" folk the world over, with some saxophone blowouts, heavy grooves of all sorts and various nuttiness. I'll be doing an extended version starting at 530pm (ET) and running it until 8. Yulin's show "No Enemy" precedes and "Auditory Magic" follows. Expect to hear some local noise, international psych, Xenakis, death metal, free jazz, Oum Kalthum and other surprises. The playlist will be posted to this blog. Thanks Victor for allowing me the pleasure.

And how about the dancing crowd!!!! There will be a serious killer jam at the Hope & Olive at 9pm. I'll be joined by DJ 12XU for some all-vinyl enlightenment. The Hope & Olive is a real fun place with a good crowd. Enthusiastic and supportive...and a great beer menu I might add! We'll be bringing all vinyl (as usual!) of your favorite classics and some underknown records that are great for dancing. This will be a gem of a night, no doubt. We'll be spinning funk, bugalĂș, funky hip-hop, new wave, salsa, Motown, garage, afrobeat, some punk & reggae...and who knows what else! It's no cover and a cool spot with plenty of parking. And Happy Birthday to Jim, Sarah, and the other three or so birthdays that I'm sure I'll be toasting Wednesday night. Cheers!

And for those that feel the Turners side of things, keep in mind the trip that is the Montague Phantom Brain Exchange (#23...the pre-Thanksgiving Relaxation Station) will be transmitting with a special local DJ hobknob featuring MPBE curator Cloaca, Rob Forman, Ansel (from upstairs) and more. Interested parties should come thru with wax in hand. That'll be running from 9 til 1 at the Rendezvous in Turners Falls (3rd St & Ave A).

So there's lots of options for your holiday preparation. And no, I don't do that thing.

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