Monday, November 23, 2009

clandestino playlist 11/23

I had so much fun today. Folks gave me lots of good music to check out...stuff got sent in from the likes of Soundway, Analog Africa, Waxing Deep and Nacional (among others) in the last couple of weeks. And triple cheers to Phil Straub, DJ Bongohead and DJ 12XU for handing me some good shit to play. It makes my job easy! And it was also great to run into good folks one right after the other (literally!). All the awesome folks at WMUA, Chris at Newbury, Alex (the black black metal guy), REQ (check Trggr Radio), DJ & Andy. Thanks Olivia for the fine beers at Amherst Brewing Company...and peace out! (There's my Thankful seasonal list...No I don't celebrate murdered Indians or murdered turkeys. Thanks but no thanks). PS-check us out at the Hope & Olive on Wednesday night for a supreme Greenfield dance party...all vinyl, free admission! 9 pm. PPS-I will be filling in for Victor Signore on Tabula Rasa, WMUA Wednesday night 530-8.

tipica 73/ lio (sun goddess)/ en cuba/ fania
I was inspired to play this after hearing Sonny Bravo talk about the blacklist his band received after recording this album at Egrem Studios in Cuba.
bio ritmo/ lisandra/ biónico/ locular
Check out this awesome salsa band at the Iron Horse on 1/21/10.

bayaka/ tristesea (andujar's percussive edit)/ v/a-new latinaires/ ubiquity
johnny blas/ picadillo (a lo blas)/ v/a-new latinaires/ ubiquity

fruko y sus tesos/ improvisando/ v/a-colombia!/ soundway

international orquesta/ mucho control/ v/a-el barrio: back on the streets of spanish harlem/ fania

mongo santamaria/ cold sweat/ soul bag/ columbia

los silvertones/ uptight/ v/a-panama! 3/ soundway

harvey averne dozen/ dynamite/ dozen/ fania

brownout/ framed by death/ aguilas y cobras/ six degrees
I play them every it any wonder what my album of 2009 is?!?

chuck womack & the sweet souls/ ham hocks & beans (quantic rmx)/ 12"/ disjoint
Thanks to DJ12XU for this jam!

marvin holmes & justice/ kimani-mdogo/ summer of '73/ brown door

kool & the gang/ who's gonna take the weight/ live at the sex machine/ de-lite
I tried to find the cut with Up, Bustle & Out sampling to play along side but I ran out of time.

the winstons/ amen brother/ v/a-dj pogo's block party breaks 2/ strut
For all my drum-n-bass peeps out there!

james taylor & the new mastersounds/ fire/ 45/ blow it hard
No, not that James Taylor!

los yorks/ fácil baby/ el viaje/ munster
A cover of Foxy Lady. Shouts to DJ Bongohead!

ana y jaime/ nina nana/ v/a-forge your own chains/ now again

mirtha y raul/ el sueño de andria/ v/a-si, para usted 2/ waxing deep
mirtha y raul/ casina y epidecus/ v/a-si, para usted 1/ waxing deep
I WANT THIS RECORD!! Like nothing else I've heard from Cuba. Heavy late 60s Eastern-tinged psych with fucked-up Afro percussion.

sohail rana/ soul sitar/ 45/ jazzman

orchestre poly-rhythmo de cotonou/ malin kpon o/ echos hypnotiques/ analog africa
Analog Africa, always doing things right!

african brothers/ wompe masem/ v/a-ghana special/ soundway

wganda kenya/ shakaloade/ 30 exitos/ fuentes
This weirdo Colombian group is among my faves.

urthquake/ tony allen I/ the looper-samper/ noize-vizion
From the cryptic Jersey dude's own label, this CD is the first in his "DJ Tools" series. Mostly stand-up comedy segments in between loops of Tony Allen, Van Halen, and others. Fun to listen to straight-thru also. Write for a copy Tell him I sent you.

chico mann/ the selector/ promo (forthcoming)
Help produce his album: Seriously folks...this will be funded by citizens like you!

manu chao/ clandestino (live)/ baionarena live EP/ nacional
An inspiration! I am grateful to have met this guy and shared his rum with him.

quantic presenta: flowering inferno/ death of the revolution/ death of the revolution/ tru-thoughts

red earth collective w/soothsayers horns/bad boys dub (manasseh rmx)/ red earth dub/ red earth
Thanks to boss reggae scribe David Katz for sending some music out to me. Check his books Solid Foundation and People Funny Boy.

tony allen/ switch/ secret agent/ world circuit

ocote soul sounds & adrian quesada/ cockroach people/ 45/ airesol
Thanks to all who listened and called in! It was plenty of support today, no doubt.

Thanks so much for listening, reading, etc. Check us out at the Hope & Olive on Wed nite!
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