Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Cover Songs for 2009 (WMUA Fundraising Premium)

I just love cover songs. Weird versions of popular tunes are my specialty. Email me if you want to peep the last few years worth of cover tunes.

01 Lack of Afro...Spooky (from a Freestyle Records 45)
This cut was made popular by Classics IV and versioned countless times. UK producer Lack of Afro has been releasing records and remixes heavy on funk drums for a bit and this is a cool version of a song I've liked since I was a small kid. Jazzy organ and sax, with killer breaks, this is a fun Halloween jam (when I'm putting this together!).

02 Fred Leslie's Missing Link...Pinball Number Count (from "Fat Lip", Hammondbeat)
Another childhood favorite of mine was this song that I saw every episode of Sesame St. One of the most pleasing segments of the show had a crazy pinball animation with the Pointer Sisters singing the counting game. These Europeans jam a B-3 groover with Paolo "Apollo" Negri manning the funky Hammond. Check out Paolo's guest spot at this blog here.

03 Malik Adouane...Shaft (from "Orient Meets Funk Brothers and Soul Sisters", EMI-Arabia)
I collect versions of Isaac Hayes' "Shaft" and this has to be one of the most fun, adding some räi-style string flavors and a voice to warp you. The album also contains versions of Curtis Mayfield and Temptations songs.

04 Brownout...Tell Her She's Lovely (from "Aguilas & Cobras", Six Degrees)
I confess that I hadn't heard the original until after Brownout's version made it's way to me. Brownout member Adrian Quesada has been a guest on "Clandestino" on three seperate occasions. On one such occasion he mentioned to me that this was a version of a tune by El Chicano. While they stay close to the original, I find that Brownout's version features a much stronger vocal. Check out the original below...

05 Trouble Funk...Trouble Funk Express (from 12", DETT)
Thanks to Phil for pointing me to this crazy song. DC go-go music meets Kraut-electro!! Very hot. The original by Kraftwerk is a huge song in the hiphop canon, as DJs like Afrika Bambaata would utilize it in their block part sets in the Bronx.

06 Orgone...I Get Lifted (from "The Killion Floor", Ubiquity)
This contemporary West Coast band does a nice version of the George McCrae disco classic that was oft-sampled in rap music.

07 He 6...Dance to the Music (from "Messin' With Sly" compilation, Le Smoke Disque)
This band is a famous Korean rock band from the 70s. I took it from a comp of all Sly & the Family Stone cover songs. The album also features Iranian diva Gougoosh.

08 Yo La Tengo...Nuclear War (from 12", Matador)
Probably my favorite version of Sun Ra's best 80s tune. This one features children relishing in the opportunity to sing cuss words.

09 Dengue Fever...Ethanopium (from "Sleepwalking Through the Mekong", M80)
LA-based Dengue Fever had a great record in 2009 with this album, a soundtrack. Here they cover a song by Ethiopian master Mulatu Astatqe, a man who has increased in stature since I first started playing his records on the air ten years ago. His music was even featured in the flick, "Broken Flowers", starring Bill Murray (an underrated film by Jim Jarmusch).

10 Mariachi El Bronx...I Would Die 4 U (from "Purplish Rain" compilation, Spin)
Spin Magazine released a Prince covers comp this year. Two highlights for me were the Sharon Jones track and this one.

11 Solomon Burke...Maggie's Farm (from "Cry to Me", Charly)
An early cover (1965) of the Bob Dylan song by this R&B singer. Thanks to Chris Belskis for this one.

12 Amral's Cavaliers...World is a Ghetto (from "Cross Continental Record Road Trip" compilation, B-Music)
Amazing Trinidadian steel band version of the much-loved hit by War. Funky beat in the back too!

13 Eddie Hazel...I Want You...She's So Heavy (from "Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs", Warners)
Eddie "Maggot Brain" Hazel, the much loved guitar genious from the P-Funk empire really brings us a jam with this Beatles tune.

14 Đàn Bầu Việtnam...Ghost Riders in the Sky (from "Ho! Roady Music from Vietnam" compilation, Trikont)
A crazy version of this old tune.

15 Bermuda Triangle...Dream On (from "Bermuda Triangle", Winter Solstice)
This is quite better than the Aerosmith version, in my opinion. Very eery autoharp.


01 Patata y Totico...Mas Que Nada (from "Patata y Totico", Verve)
Beautiful cut of the Jorge Ben tune.

02 Deep Rumba...Sunshine of Your Love (from "This Night Becomes a Rumba", American Clavé)
Cream goes Afro-Cuban.

03 Steve Jordan...Vamos a Tratar Ser Amigos Ya...Why Can't We Be Friends?
War goes Tex-Mex.

04 John Tchicai...Colonial Mentality (from "Put Up The Fight", Storyville)
An underknown Fela cover by this Danish sax legend who played with Coltrane, Ayler, Don Cherry, Johnny Dyani, and so many more.

05 Phil Upchurch...Voodoo Chile (from "Upchurch", Cadet)
Contact me if you want to hear my Hendrix covers comps, all crazy shit from a variety of worldwide artists from many genres.

06 Maceo & All The King's Men...Thank You For Lettin' Me Be Mice Elf Again (from 45, House of the Fox)
A very hip joint, originally by Sly Stone. And probably the highlight of Maceo's solo output for me. Thanks to Phil for this one.

07 The Harry Roche Constellation...Pinball Wizard (from "Spiral", él Records)
British theme producer cuts his version of Pinball Wizard. The original and I go back to my youngest youth days.

08 Temptations...Ain't No Sunshine (from "Solid Rock", Gordy)
This Norman Whitfield production is my fave of the Temptations LPs, a massive psych-funk throwdown for one of the most popular singing groups in the world. Here is an arrangement of one of my favorite songs, Bill Withers' classic "Ain' No Sunshine".

09 La Sangre Caliente...Frankenstein (from "Sangre Caliente", Orfeon-Mexico)
The Winters Brothers get a funky take from this Mexican ensemble. Thanks to Bongohead for hipping me here.

10 Fanfare Ciocarlia...Born to be Wild
11 Los Askis...En el Verano...In the Summertime
Two more funny covers from Pablo's collection. That Mungo Jerry cumbia by los Askis cracks me up.

12 Howie B...Under the Boardwalk (from "Another Late Night", k7)
Cool version of the Drifters classic by Irish producer Howie B, who worked with U2 (among many others).

13 Bert Kaempfert...Shaft (from "6 Plus 6", Decca)
I'll gladly buy any record in a thrift store that features a cover of Shaft!

14 Sheba...Jungle Fever (from "Sheba Plays Jungle Fever and Other Latin Soul Hits", Mio)
This Cha-Ka-Chas jam probably has my favorite copy version right here.

15 Kokolo...Girls on Film (from 45, Record Kicks)
Kokolo are among my favorite contemporary bands with a blend of voodoo rhythms, Fela/JB boldness, and latin kick with punk attitude. Here they make a Duran Duran song all their own.

16 Cookin' On 3 Burners...Cars (from 12", Freestyle)
Another entry in the contemporary Australian soul scene. I love this version of Gary Numan's "Cars".

17 Susan Cadogan...Do It Baby (from "Susan Cadogan", Trojan)
Originally by the (Smokey-less) Miracles in the mid 70s, Lee Perry and Susan Cadogan completely destroy the original. Check Perry's mouth percussion. The man is just fucking bonkers genious.

18 Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha...Play With Fire (from "Re-Covers", World Village)
Just another Tuvan punk band covering the Stones.

19 Susan Christie...Ghost Riders in the Sky (from "Paint a Lady", Finders Keepers)
I like this just as much as the Vietnamese one on disk one.

20 Los Quantos...El Sonido del Silencio
I can't say I'm the biggest Simon & Garfunkel fan, but I'll take this Peruvian version.

21 Adriana Calcanhotto...Clandestino (from "Público", BMG-Argentina)
Para mi gentes. Thanks Liza.

There you have another edition of the annual covers thang. Much respect to WMUA and it's supporters/listeners. That means you.

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