Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hammond Madness: Paolo "Apollo" Negri's Favorites

I asked Paolo "Apollo" Negri, funky young Italian Hammond grinder, to list his favorite Hammond players of all time. Here's what he came up with:

Hi there Andujar and thank you for the "thanks" in your blog, much appreciated!! :-)

Well, my fave players.... Brian Auger (of course!) both with the Trinity and Oblivion Express,

Charles Kynard and Jimmy McGriff more than everything

but even Gregg Rolie (for his great taste) and Jon Lord (very aggressive)...

I think this is my faves list.. :-) Thanx again A, hope to hear from you soon, cheers!


Thanks much, Paolo! Check out the new album from Fred Leslie's Missing Link, titled "Fat Lip" (out now on HammondBeat) and featuring Paolo's funky organ sounds. Nice version of the "Pinball Number Count", as well as a couple of Joe Quarterman covers. Also check the Link Quartet. For photos of his instruments check his Myspace page.

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