Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You boob!!!

I haven't spent as much time as others parusing Youtube, but I've certainly found fascination every step of the way.
As easy as it may be to just load some videos onto a blog, i am really into these:

First up...Ginger Baker was in Nigeria off and on in the 60s and 70s where he built a studio, played with Fela Kuti, and jammed with all sorts of maniacal people. This is the Afrocollection, who became Salt (the band who toured the USA and Europe but never recorded), and were a sort of pre-cursor to Air Force. The keyboardist is Jonny Hastrup and the guitarist is Berkley Jones (of BLO).

Here's a 1969 jam by one of my all time fave bands, the dudes who delivered LSD from ghetto to ghetto...the mighty Funkadelic:

If you want to see slamming salsa dura the way i like it check this grainy B&Wer with Colombian allstars, including the genious Fruko! He's the bass-player. Watch right till the very end for the wildstyle dancing...

And now for some silly shit...Ethan of State Shirt turned me onto this great Bert & Ernie do MOP video...

Here's Sanmukh's's Hurra Torpedo. Thanks to Brookie the Crookie for pointing us to it.

And we save the final word for Statler & Waldorf!!!!

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