Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review Flora: Moneywort

Bacopa Monierii: One week before leaving Greenfield for good, i sourced the aquatic flora of my dreams. For a long time I have only known her as a powder'd brown dust. Every medicine has a living form, and alive is how i want to know my medicine. If not for Brahmi, I may have readily lost my marbles. I asked if she could live in my garden room. The answer was yes: in an aquarium. Naturally, I headed towards the great Black Jungle of Turner's Falls, source of poison dart froggies and varietal venus/diana carnivores, who DID NOT have the Bacopa. Guess they're more terra-semi-firma junglee. Black Jungle is the greatest, so if they didn't have brahmi- who would? i put searching aside. Until. Angels were singing when Brahmi found me looking at hamsters in a little petshop next to the abandoned church. They were invincibly cute. I asked the pet shop boy more questions than is polite. I turned to go and was surprised to see the entrance to a secret room. FUll of aquatic plants. I did not want to ask too much more of the shopkeep but: was there bacopa monierii? He kindly told me there would be some in March and it could be mine. and I can have a whole tankful if that's what i need (he didn't see why not.)


  1. black jungle is de spot for all true junglists!

  2. What does Jung have to do with ANYTHING??