Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our annual Thanks-Give-It-Back radio special of First Nations music

In keeping with our tradition, here's our annual Thanks-Give-It-Back radio special. Joshua Burkett (Mystery Train), DJ Bongohead and Andujar pow-wowed on Acapulco Nights Radio w/ Studebaker Hawk to spin some First Nations tunes, including rock, funk, jazz, folk, electronic, reggae, blues and more. 

Playlist and free download included within. 

Check it here.
(Part two in particular starts off with some mean 70s hard rock, indigenous style).

BONUS: Here's a funk vinyl throwdown between Studebaker Hawk & Andujar on an earlier edition of Acapulco Nights. And related, here's Andujar's latest contribution to Culturalist.


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