Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010...A Look at the Records I Liked

I'm not going to go into a major exploration of the Top 60 songs or anything like that. We'll leave that to the nerds at NPR and Pitchfork. But there was a lot of excellent music that came to me in the year 2010. I want to thank all the bands/labels/PR folks etc for keeping me in the loop. With the exception of the Top Three (Whitefields, Fantasma, Quantic) I won't put any kind of order on them. I have included LPs and 45s. There may be a couple of things that are actually from late 2009 but I may not have gotten around to them until this year. In a couple of cases where I couldn't find record sleeves I may have substituted some other graphic.
I have not included reissues, anthologies or compilations.

Email me at for any further info about these artists. And if you send me your record you may find yourself here next time.

And here's my favorite compilation of the year 2010:

Other 2010 highlights:

1. The continuing outpouring of quality African reissues via labels like Soundway, Analog Africa, Academy and others.

2. The continuing market for 45s. Some favorite 45 labels I bumped into this year include Electric Cowbell, Colemine, Names You Can Trust, amongst others.

3. Standout live shows from Orchestra Poly Rythmo, Omar Souleyman/CSC Funk Band, Grupo Fantasma, Chucho Valdez, Randy Weston solo piano, The Alchemystics at the Iron Horse, Zozo Afrobeat/Shokazoba, Tony Allen, Budos Band and others.

4. The reissue of our Afrobeat Revival compilation on vinyl. Check it here.

That's about all I am going to say on 2010. It's all bye-bye at this point. I need to get away from this computer screen.

Send me your records, money, daughters, cookies and love.

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