Monday, August 2, 2010

Pics from the Zozo Afrobeat/Shokazoba night at the Elevens

What a grand night!!!! It was hot in the Elevens, like being in the Shrine in Lagos, Nigeria! Zozo Afrobeat, Shokazoba, DJ Andujar's Rumba Psicodélica (where's THOSE pics??!) with visuals by Bell & Howl. Fantastic energy!
Photos by Nathan Beauregard, Margeaux Hayes, Rich McGhee and others...

Rich McGhee and D'Angelo have a meeting of the minds.

Here's a few snaps of Shokazoba...

Kaleta...hanging with Rich and Margeaux...

And the main event: Kaleta & ZOZO AFROBEAT!!

Western Mass homeboy Jeremy King, Zozo percussionist.

Another blurry night at the end of the Elevens.

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