Sunday, May 30, 2010

Announcement: Andujar & friends will be on from noon to 430 tomorrow. Also Bio Ritmo will be on the phone.

(Art by Reinaldo Alvarez)

Last minute announcement:
I will be filling in for Victor's Tabula Rasa radio show tomorrow (Monday the 31st at noon-Eastern Time), which will run into my regular Clandestino program. I'm inviting guests to come and hang during any of it. Bring some music too, the styles are open! Around 3:15 I will have members of funky salsa machine Bio Ritmo on the phone for a short interview in anticipation of their upcoming show at the Iron Horse (Thursday night, 10pm, with DJ Bongohead, who I hope will be in the studio with me). I'm still looking to have some ticket giveaways to that concert. But for the rest of the long-ass time slot? How about you coming down with some grooves?

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