Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tag Team for the Ages!!

Get ready for Monday's main event: Andujar and Radio Clandestino will tag team with Victor and Tabula Rasa for a battle royale of epic proportions.

Victor is usually on from 1210-230pm (ET) while Andujar regularly spins 230-430, but this one will be different. You see these forces will form the deadliest tag team combo in the world for one match only! Prepare the cage for battle!!!

Victor spins dance tunes, Andujar gets avant-garde...lots of cover songs and eclectic music from around the world. They will be tag-teaming any and all, with no one left standing in the ring but these two champions. Any requests?

The fierce action starts immediately after the WMUA news at noon (aprox. ten after) and continues until 430. Catch it all at, Monday, April 19th.

You better be listening or we'll dropkick you back to your mama! Wimp.

(Tabula Rasa's Victor and Clandestino's Andujar get ready for action!)

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