Monday, January 4, 2010

Film Noir in Greenfield

The Garden Cinema in downtown Greenfield will be rolling classic film noirs on Tuesdays, 6 pm in January. In conjunction with the Greenfield Business Association, we are fortunate enough to be screening such classics. Buy your tickets at the door or get a pass for all four screenings at places like the People's Pint or the Hope & Olive.

The Noir-Fest begins on January 5th with "Sunset Boulevard", about an aging Hollywood star (Gloria Swanson) thinking she's invincible by taking in a young and hungry writer (William Holden). This is a good flick from one of my favorite directors, Billy Wilder.

Wilder also directs the famous Fred MacMurray/Barbara Stanwyck flick "Double Indemnity". Also starring Edward G. Robinson, and with writing help by Raymond Chandler, this is a classic murder flick involving an insurance scam. "Double Indemnity" will be shown on Tuesday the 12th of Jan.

The 19th will feature Orson Welles' classic late-noir, "Touch of Evil". Charlton Heston plays a Mexican narco, and Welles is a racist pig...(I mean cop). They match brains and someone comes out on top. Listen for Henry Mancini's cool (cinema) lounge score.

The series concludes on the 26th with John Huston's "The Maltese Falcon". A great early Huston flick (his first!) with all the fast direction and drunken stars that made his 40s/50s work so much fun! Humphrey Bogart plays Sam Spade, a private eye who only looks for the gold. It glows in appearance as a Falcon trophy, a mystical underground artifact that everyone seems to want. Bogart and Peter Lorre are on top of the game in this bangin' noir classic. A must see.

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