Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tejas (WMUA Fundraising Premium 2009)

One of the clandestino show highlights of 2009 was when Bongohead joined me for a special six hour feature on the music of the country known as Texas. There is so much that we could only scratch the surface. We played lots of tejano and funk musics, with some blues, jazz, punk, psych, rap, etc thrown in. It was quite a task trying to fit some faves into two CDs here. Trying to fairly represent the HUGE country of Texas is quite a task. But we had to include contemporary projects like Grupo Fantasma (who's leader Adrian Quesada has been on the show three times!), as well as classic underheard funk artists like Timothy McNealy. We hope you enjoy the set.
To see the playlist for the radio show we did, click here. And to learn more about the bands and labels, click on the links provided.

01 Tortilla Factory...Hot Tortilla fr "Made in America" (Falcon)

02 Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears...Master Sold My Baby fr 10" (Lost Highway)

03 The Fabulous Mark III...Psycho fr "Texas Funk" compilation (Jazzman)

04 King Curtis...Ridin' Thumb fr "Everybody's Talkin" (Atco)

05 Freddy Fender...Cajun Stomp fr "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" (MCA)

06 ZZ Top...El Diablo fr "Tejas" (Warners)
A favorite band of both Bongo and I, we each chose a track. This one was mine.

07 Zapata...Do Your Thing (Parts 1 & 2) fr "Texas Funk" compilation (Jazzman)
Cool version of the Isaac Hayes classic.

08 Brownout...Framed By Death fr "Aguilas & Cobras" (Six Degrees)
Members of Grupo Fantasma here with a song from my favorite album of 2009.

09 Joe Bravo...Alegria fr "Skidrow Joe" (El Zarape)

10 Sunny & the Sunliners...Sumbale Maria fr "El Orgullo de Tejas" (Key-Loc)

11 Tortilla Factory...Cookin' fr "Tortilla Funk" compilation (Lazarus)

12 Grupo Fantasma...Bacalao con Pan fr 12" (Freestyle)
One of my favorite bands from Texas covers a classic by one of my favorite bands from Cuba, Irakere.

13 the Latin Breed...Palomonte fr "Mas Latin Breed" (GCD)

14 Timothy McNealy...Funky Movement #2 fr 45 (Shawn/Truth & Soul reissue)
Quite possibly a contender for the funkiest record of all-time!

15 Steve Jordan...Ain't No Big Thing fr 45 (ARV International)
Originally by the Radiants.

16 Augustin Ramirez...She's Looking Good fr "Tortilla Funk" compilation (Lazarus)

17 Randy Garibay & Cats Don't Sleep...Cabeca fr "Chicano Blues Man" (Puro Pinche Blues)

18 the Royal Jesters...Todo es Maravillosos fr "Their Second Album" (GCP)

19 Little Jr Jesse & his Teardrops & the Tears...Funky Stuff fr "Texas Funk" compilation (Jazzman)

20 Doug Sahm...Devil Heart fr "Groover's Paradise" (Collector's Choice)

21 Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys...Milk Cow Blues fr "Best Of..." (MCA)
We had to include some country swing from one of my fave bands.

22 Los Blues...Spirit in the Dark fr "Los Blues" (United Artists)
A nice version of this Aretha tune.

01 Tortilla Factory...Huesito de Chabacano fr "Chicano Super Jamz"

02 Mexican Revolution...Soul Searching fr "Tortilla Funk" compilation (Lazarus)

03 Esteban "Steve" Jordan...Vuela la Paloma fr "The Many Sounds of..." (Arhoolie)

04 Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada...Pan, Chamba y Techo fr "Coconut Rock" (ESL)
Another great 2009 album. Members of Antibalas and Grupo Fantasma.

05 Timothy McNealy...Sagittarius Black fr 45 (Shawn/Truth & Soul reissue)
The flip to "Funky Movement #2".

06 Tortilla Factory...Sham Time fr "Tortilla Funk" compilation (Lazarus)
Awesome version of the Eddie Harris jam!

07 ZZ Top...Cheap Sunglasses fr "Degüello" (Warners)
Bongohead's fave ZZ Top tune.

08 La Familia...El Diablo in Disguise fr "Finally" (Buena Suerte)

09 Vern Blair Debate...Superfunk fr "Texas Funk" compilation (Jazzman)

10 Grupo Fantasma...Sonido Campeón fr "Comes Alive" (AireSol)
A document of Fantasma at their best--playing live on stage.

11 Tex-Mex Kadillaks...Me Gustas Tú fr "Me Gustas Tú" (Tex-Mex)
A very fun cover of this Manu Chao tune.

12 Charlie & the Jives...Cuidado con la Mano fr "Making Time" (Golden Eagle)

13 the Royal Jesters...Yo Soy Chicano fr "Chicano Super Jamz"

14 Doug Sahm...La Cacahuate fr "Groover's Paradise" (Collector's Choice)

15 the Latin Breed...I Turn You On fr "Texas Funk" compilation (Jazzman)

16 La Familia...Las Nubes fr "Para la Gente" (Buena Suerte)

17 Sunny & the Sunliners...El Maquinista fr "El Orgullo de Tejas" (Key-Loc)

18 the Royal Jesters...Me Voy a Houston fr "Chicano Super Jamz"

19 Tortilla Factory...Moctezuma fr "Tortilla Factory 1974" anthology (Tortilla reissue)

20 Little Joe & the Latinaires...Now

21 Freddie King...Ain't No Sunshine fr "Texas Cannonball" (Shelter)
Sublime blues cut of my fave tune...the Bill Withers composition.

22 the Thirteenth Floor Elevators...Roller Coaster (Mono Version) fr "Thirteenth Floor Elevators" (Sundazed reissue)
We had to include this psych classic.

Thanks to everyone who supported. Also thanks to DJ Bongohead, Anilyn Diaz and Adrian Quesada.

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