Thursday, November 12, 2009

Call and Response: An Exhibition

A Dialogue Between Artists and Writers Curated by Diana Simard. Saturday, November 14 - Thursday, December 10
Central Gallery

The title of this exhibition is borrowed from the musical terminology relating to a style of singing in which the melody sung by one singer is responded to or echoed by another. The purpose of this project is to facilitate an exchange between art and writing based on the same fundamental idea of call and response. In this project, artists respond to writing and writers respond to art. Each participant contributes two works for the exhibition, the first being for the Call component and the second being for the Response. Over a dozen talented painters, poets, printmakers, fiction writers, sculptors, installation and video artists are participating including visual artist Angela Zammerelli, video artist Marcus DeMaio, poet Noah Eli Gordon, poet Alex Phillips, painter Rachel Ouilette, fiction writer Jason Daniel Schwartz, painter Harry Schwartz-Turfle, fiction writer/sound artist Daniel Presnell, and others. Free and open to the public.

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