Wednesday, October 21, 2009

clandestino playlist 10/19...longing for europe

Sorry so late! But here it is, this week's clandestino playlist. My special guest was the Mystic Lady, Maura Arraj. She's recently back from living in Barcelona and she brought some beautiful French pop and Spanish psychedelic soul. I added some of my own and another recent returnee from Barci dropped in, the one-and-only DJ Studebaker Hawk (check his show Macho City on WMUA, Tuesdays 6-8pm). Thanks for the calls and for listening. Next week we'll have Ocote Soul Sounds in the studio before their show at Hampshire College. We'll also be trying to raise money for WMUA (once a year folks, show some support!).

It goes like this (artist/ song/ album/ label):

orient express/ train to bombay/ orient express/ mainstream

devil's anvil/ karkadun/ hard rock from the middle east/ columbia

mehr pooya/ ghabileh-ye lily/ v/a-psych funk 101/ world psychedelic funk classics

jae's soul/ sintonía en soul/ v/a-sensacional soul 2/ vampisoul

manuel gas/ i'm a man/ v/a-sensacional soul 1/ vampisoul

smash!!!/ ni recuerdo, ni olvido/ vanguardia y pureza del flamenco/ chapa discos
Heavy fucking flamenco-rock tune.

sabicas w/joe beck/ flamenco rock/ rock encounter/ polydor

paco de lucia/ entre dos aguas/ a arte de paco/ philips

manitas de plata/ alegrias del cante/ guitarra flamenco/ vanguard

los kifers/ el sol es una droga/ 45/ vampisoul

pan y regaliz/ magic colors/ pan y regaliz/ wah wah

gino/ la vida es un juego de azar/ v/a-sensacional soul 2/ vampisoul

monique thubert/ avec les orelles/ v/a-pop á paris/ sunnyside

los canarios/ trying so hard/ 45/ jag

los pops/ no no no/ v/a-sensacional soul 2/ vampisoul

brigette fontaine & jacques higelin/ on est lá por ça/ 12 chansons d'avant le déluge/ disques jacques canetti

stone/ l'antiquité/ v/a-pop á paris/ sunnyside

conjunto brillant's/ las bellas ilusiones/ v/a-sensacional soul vol 2/ vampisoul

brigit bardot & serge gainsbourg/ pauvre lola/ bonnie & clyde/ fontana

serge gainsbourg/ joanna/ percussions 1964/ philips

serge gainsbourg/ danger/ les années psychédéliques 66-71/ le smoke disque

serge gainsbourg/ javanaise remake/ aux armes etc/ mercury
Serge's reggae album!!!

jean-phillipe goude & olivier colé/ piége/ s/t/ saravah

jean jacques dexter/ be quiet/ v/a-dirty french psychedelics/ dirty
Thanks to Stash for this gem.

jacques dutronc/ je suis content/ 45/ vogue

michel roques/ le temps/ chorus/ saravah

alfred panou & art ensemble of chicago/ je suis un sauvage/ 45/ saravah

ocote soul sounds & adrian quesada/ la reja/ 12"/ ESL
ocote soul sounds & adrian quesada/ el diablo y el rau rau/ coconut rock/ ESL
Catch Ocote 10/26 at Hampshire College w/ Rumba Psicodelica!

brownout/ C130/ 45/ aire sol
Members of Ocote Soul Sounds and Grupo Fantasma.

stark reality/pretty music/ 1969/ now again

sly & the family stone/ underdog/ a whole new thing/ epic

We hope you enjoyed the show. Don't forget to DONATE next week. I have gifts for those that do.

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