Thursday, September 17, 2009

Does anybody want to host a vinyl thang on sat nite in BK‏?

NY peeps...

I've been on the road with Noise Nomads and Urthquake. We're currently in Pittsburgh as part of a two-week thing. We'll be in BK on Saturday nite (the 19th). Those guys are playing at Cinders Gallery (Havermeyer St-Williamsburg) at 8ish. But there's no room for a DJ so I'm hoping to find a jam to hang at with my eclectic crate of vinyl. I only have a box and no sound equip with me. If anyone wants to find a party I'd love to show up with my wax. You may know me as a funk/salsa dura/afrobeat DJ but this box is truly special--I have the widest assortment from Turkish psych to 60s Peruvian salsa to Arabic pop to Finnish HC to death metal to old skool hiphop to hard funk to punk to novelty records to Ethiopian jazz to 70s West African shit, etc etc. In other words, I'm traveling with really eclectic vinyl.

Anybody want to throw down for the occasion?

Just an idea...

dj andujar

103 Havemeyer St # 2F
Brooklyn, NY 11211-4489
(718) 388-2311
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