Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I-Ganic Returns to Amherst!

My homeboy Camilo aka DJ I-Ganic is hands down my favorite DJ in Western Massachusetts. Holding down every other Thursday in the cramped Bishop's Lounge in Northampton always provides sonic bliss...but maaaaan is it too crowded and silly in there sometimes. So I love when he brings the sound to other spots and parties.

After doing a stint of several years at the Harp in North Amherst, I-Ganic hasn't set up in that college town in too long. Well, thankfully folks on the Amherst side of the river can receive the message of sound and love. I-Ganic returns with what will be a fully-felt set at the Amherst Brewing Company. ABC certainly has some fine brews and the place is a nice alternative to the white-baseball-cap shitbag scene that permeates too much of Amherst. But things will certainly be right for the night on Saturday.

Residing in Western Mass with roots in Puerto Rico, I-Ganic began spinning records in the mid ‘80s at the age of 13. Inspired by the sound system culture of Jamaica, I-Ganic played parties and opened for local reggae bands. By the late ‘90s, he had developed his signature style of layering digital effects over a mix of top-shelf selections of the latest UK and Jamaican Roots, Steppas, Dancehall, and Dub. Having added more equipment and a much larger collection of vinyl, I-Ganic Sound System is the Pioneer Valley’s Number One Reggae Sound System.

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