Friday, June 26, 2009

News Flash: MJ Is In North Korea!

While Western news media mourns the supposed death of the biggest superstar in the world, it is secretly covering up the defection of the Prince of Pop to the enemies-North Korea, according to our sources.

We're told that the media coverage is a farce and that there are legitimate concerns that MJ and the entire Beatles publishing catalogue, which MJ owns, is now giving ample funding to the terrorist regime of North Korea. The so-called communist state now can raise more money for its weapons program by reaping profits from sales of the White album and other overrated 60s artifacts, as well as MJ's own substantially profitable back catalogue. Our sources say the superstar has agreed to donate everything to the North Korean dictatorship.

This seems to be the most bizarre move yet by the pop star. And western news and propaganda outlets continue to cover up the truth!

More as details unfold.

above: North Korean children practice their choreography in advance of filming MJ's new music video. Photo from BBC News.

Author: Haywood Jablomie


  1. i have to question the credibilty of these "sources". but i guess i would have to question the credibitlity of all media sources!

  2. Music video? That's what he's calling it? Sick freak.