Tuesday, June 23, 2009

clandestino playlist 6/22

Thanks so much for listening and we'll certainly be back next week, as we are here every Monday afternoon from 230-430 (Eastern Time) at WMUA.org. Take care, Andujar .

It goes like this (artist/ song/ album/ label):

Starting off with a few from SRB, who graced us with an excellent show last week at the Rendezvous. "Enta Omry" I dedicate to Um Kalthum and Suheir...

sir richard bishop/ enta omry/ the freak of araby/ drag city
sir richard bishop/ barbary/ the freak of araby/ drag city
sir richard bishop/ cross my palm in silver/ polytheistic fragments/ drag city

mustapha bey rida/ taxim hugaz kar wahda/ v/a-open strings/ honest jon's

bellemou & benfissa/ li mandouche l'auto/ v/a-1970's algerian proto-räi underground/ sublime frequencies

group doueh/ beatte harab/ treeg salaam/ sublime frequencies

baris manço/ anadolu/ dünden bugüne/ guerssen

selda/ ince ince/ selda/ finders keepers

oh no/ side O/ dr no's oxperiment/ now again

penahi/ dance music/ v/a-raks raks raks: 60s iran garage/ raks

A couple of nutty Sly covers, from Iran and Korea.
googoush/ i want to take you higher/ v/a-messin' with sly/ Le Smoke Disque
he 6/ dance to the music/ v/a-messin' with sly/ Le Smoke Disque

bill withers/ better off dead/ live/ sussex

william s. fischer/ bat bi hiru lau/ akellere/ wah wah

jack walrath/ demons in pursuit/ demons in pursuit/ gatemouth

isis/ april fool/ isis/ buddah
The funky hard-rocking all-female 70s band, not the current metal band (although they are cool too!).

betty davis/ don't call her no tramp/ this is it!/ vampisoul
The funky hard-rocking 70s dominatrix, not the 30s Warner Studios actress (although she's cool too!).

sly & the family stone/ skin i'm in/ fresh/ epic

the strangers/ 2 to make a pair/???
Not Merle Haggard's backing unit (although they are cool too!). Quite mysterious, obviously Nigerian. Any info?...contact me.

orchestre poly-rhythmo de cotounou/ akoue tche we gni medjome/ the vodoun effect/ analog africa

ikenga superstars/ ojele woman/ greedy man / rogers all-stars
Also known as Ka-La-Ka, as asshole bootleggers once presented them. Nothing worse than trying to alter and obscure history to make a buck...Capitalist fuckers!

carleen & the groovers/ the thing/ 12"/ now again
Carleen Butler is the drummer and bandleader, and the group is a fave of mine.

lee fields/ my world is empty/ my world/ truth & soul
Cheers to the fine folx at Truth & Soul for sending out the new one from the mighty Lee Fields!

menahan street band/ the wolf/ 45/ dunham

dengue fever/ ethanopium/ sleepwalking thru the mekong/ M80

the ex & getatchew mekuria/ sethed seketelat/ moa anbessa/ terp

brute force/ the monster/ brute force/ embryo
Featuring Sonny Sharrock.

stark reality/ red yellow moonbeams part 2/ 45/ now again

byard lancaster/ dogtown/ funny funky rib crib/ kindred spirits

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