Monday, February 2, 2009

Album Cover Eye Candy

After hearing about this album cover thing from Andujar and then seeing the contributions, I couldn't resist throwing a few into the mix (well, ok, more than a few).
~ Victor

If you like what you see here... You can hear some of these sounds by checking out
"Tabula Rasa", on 91.1FM WMUA every Wednesday from 6-8pm.

One of the finest prog jazz rock bands to come out of 197o's France.

Ripping noisy jazz with tape manipulations with Thomas Chapin leading the mayhem.
Sonny Sharrock makes a guest appearance!

Robert Fripp's first band before the looming prog monster of King Crimson.

The photo was taken by American photographer Arthur Fellig aka, Weegee, circa 1940's.

Cricket anyone?

A classic Atlantic recording and cover.

1 comment:

  1. great covers!
    that no trend one is a doozy. a cool (hopefully not) forgotten band.
    thanks, victor