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George Myers: Top 10 Lists, Shows, Records (w/ Notes!) and More.

Author: George W. Myers | Breaking World Records / Grey Skull

hey dudes,
here's my top "ten" list as posted on the ecstatic peace poll,
worth checking out at their site: ecstaticpeace. com

1) Helbaard 100 Halloween w/ Blood Stereo, Mik Quantius, Head of
Wantastiquet, Floris Vanhoof, R.O.T, City Hands, DJ Bongoman and more

2) Yeh / Olson, Pak, Pigs In the Ground, Keffer, @ Ultra Eczema Fest, Antwerp

3) Pak @ Purple House, Northampton

4) Chris Cooper, M Ax Noi Mach, Keiren Lally @ the basement, Northampton

5) Skoal Kodiak, Mark Lord, Pak/Noise Nomads duo Providence, RI

6) Black Pus, Fat Worm of Error @ 145 South St, Northampton

7) Mo Ha! @ Instants Chavires, Paris

8) Russian Tsarlag @ Phantom Brain Exchange, Turners Falls, MA

9) Harvey Milk, Great Scott, Allston

10) Record Hospital Fest, Cambridge, Ma w/ Heathen Shame, Pak, Abraham
Lincoln Brigade, Dolphins into the future, Dreamhouse, Child Bride, &

Bonus round:
11.Nautilus live set on Tyfus' radio show, Antwerp
12.Soaking Rasps, Attitude Problem @ Eli's, Haydenville, MA
13.Western Mass INC
14.Grey Skull EU tour
15.Mark Lord, Noise Nomads / Nace Duo, Metalux @ Elevens
16.Byron Coley's Reading @ Mystery Train

17. Tarp @ the Brain Exchange.
18. Robedoor, Pocahaunted, Noho Wools, Woods, 145 south st.
Northampton, MA
19.Torche doing TWO LONG Cavity songs @ the end of their set, Rotterdam
20 Inside Inzane Studios Podcast.

Bonus to the Bonus
21.Ben Hersey with a lightbulb, terribles punk party @ mystery train
22.Heatsick @ Occii, amsterdam
23.Usaisamonster (with TWO keyboardists!) @ Elevens
24.the sounds of a flea market being totally destroyed as it closed in brusells
25.steve dags solo lap steel drone in ben's basement
26god willing, privy seals in ben's basement
27.Anthro Rex & Id M Theftable recording in our basement
28.Cassis Cornuta, DSR Lines @ Scheldapen, Antwerp
29.Gala Drop, Religious Knives @ helbaard, den haag
30.Mean Motion @ our housec

more exclusive: blog / podcast bonus!
01.excavating shellac
02.awesome tapes from africa
03.voodoo funk
05.stones throw radio
06.the rub hip hop history
07.funk master flex all 90's show on 4th of july on hot 97
09.irregular froth
10. ANY mixes/tracks dre skull, lone wolf, kingdom, dave nada and bird peterson drop.

some favorite records:

01.Dan Friel : Ghost Town (Important)
really amazing mix of noisy electronic elements, melody and heavy beats.
everything covered in a warm fuzz, a really well crafted, focused record
that remains exciting, unpredictable while still able to work up to a peak.

02. New Orleans Funk : Original Sound of Funk 2 3xLP (Soul Jazz)
need i say anything? well, if you got volume one, which has been mercifully reissued if you haven't then you know the score, three lps of beautifully mastered loud, punchy, heavy new orleans funk. a few heartbreaker slow ballads in there that are a nice addition. absolutely perfect.

03.Trios by Tristam Carey LP (Artkillart)
maybe a slightly misleading package, though beautifully designed. appears at first that it's from 1971, though is in fact from 2001. sort of irrelevant because it's played on a VCS3 synth (along with some turntable parts) so it sounds amazing. some more thoughtful restrained parts and others where the leash is let off and all the glory of the composition and synths sounds can run amok and make us happy listeners.

04.Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase : Glistening Inn LP (Ultra Eczema)
this record has been in the works for, man, i don't know, something like a decade. i remember getting a rough cdr of a double LP master though it has been trimmed down to a sprawling and meticulous single LP. if you're familar with Cooper's solo prepared guitar work this make take you a little off guard, it's really dense and the composition is complex to say the least, and if yr a fan of the menlo park record this is a bit closer though the tone of that record is a little darker. man, whatever. this record rules and it will end up on top ten lists three years in a row because there's a lot to unravel.

05.Fyoelk : Trampolin Cassette (from 07, but i just got a copy) (Erode)
this is tape has been on constant replay, a friend referred to it as "moody german electronics" though its not electronics in the scarf and squeal sense, but bleepy soft and semi musical. could fit in between ten different types of artists comfortably from the clicky IDM to the minimal electronics, snuggling right up against something almost danceable but glitchy like max tundra. still, it's none of these, and has a nice soft mood to it that feels like being in a warm unknown kitchen alone.

06. Ross Goldstein : Trail Songs LP (Specific Recordings)
well, if there's a pop-revival going on in the underground and it ends up sounding ANYTHING as good as this SIGN ME UP. totally quality compositions referencing lots of the greats without without sounding derivative or smarmy. super fresh and clean. beautiful lettering on the outside of the record too, evidently ross gets some old school sign maker from troy to paint all of them! also, additional bonus, pressed on super heavy white vinyl, all insignificant when compared to the songs contained within.

07.Birigwa : S/T cd re-issue (Porter)
Boston based 70's weird beard jams. Lands squarely in-between two worlds and not because it's a bunch of boston/americans with a west african singer, but because it straddles a world mixed up in folk forms, rock, funk, weird ass vocal exorcisms and beautiful arrangements. much like Cymande i can see a lot of people who love funk or world music or experimental rock all hating this and me staring at them in disbelief, like "did you hear his singing!?" that's the problem" to which i just sort of stare at them while i cry tears of drool.

08. Nigeria Disco Funk Special : The Underground Lagos Dancefloor 74 to 79 LP (Soundway) unstoppable series from soundway, this one just happens to be the most likely to make me pump my fist like the patriots just beat the jets 100-0, or the yankees released their entire roster and gave me the money to put out records. this is a solid packed collection of super heavy hitters from 70's nigeria with a little more of a 4 on the floor flavor then their others in the series (highlife/blues and the fuzzy rock) which makes it a little easier to DJ to people who aren't feeling afrobeat's rolling poly-rhythms. so, realistically, you can get and enjoy them all, all the time, because they all rule, i've just grown most comfortable with this from spinning records...

09. Bill Callahan : Woke on a whaleheart (also from 07, but got it late, rules.) (Drag City) Smog no more! just rocking under his name, bill callahan has always been one of my favorite songwriters despite the fact i think a lot my friends think he's an indie-rock self loathing goober. Simple understated songs which will unfortunately lead a lot of ACTUAL to think it doesn't take much more than a guitar and lyrics to make a good song. reminds me of that article saying lou barlow killed music or the other one that said the beatles killed music by misleading people into thinking "pop songs" and "home recording" sounded a certain way. why do people write things like "x killed music" it's a really weird, hollow sentiment.
there's a lot of good music and if lou barlow's four track and people's misguided perceptions could actually kill it, well, gosh, it wasn't so formidable of a cultural force after all was it DUDE?

10. Charles Kynard : Woga (released in 72 but just found it, AMAZING) (Mainstream) not even close to this year but picked this up at mystery train a few months ago for one hundred clues screaming "this will be the best funk/jazz record ever" and they were all right. haven't done too much research but in all the listens haven't noticed anything recognizable as a sample which seems almost criminal to me. Kynard is the leader/composer and plays a furious organ.
despite jazz elements, drums aren't too whispy or swingy, real crisp and "in the pocket" and everyone else gets in where they fit in making something for the ages (or a top 10 list 36 years later)

also, i started my own blog/podcast which has been tons of fun:
musicalepisode. podomatic. com and accompanying (but empty) blog:
musicalepisode. blogspot. com.


would love to hear some of yrs.


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