Wednesday, December 24, 2008

by the way...who am I?

Welcome to my new site...
I host a weekly radio show at called "clandestino". It airs live every monday 230-430pm (eastern time). On the program I spin hard funk, salsa dura, afrobeat, roots/dub, hiphop, jazz, psych, world, soul, and whatever else i feel like!!
I've spent ten consecutive years on the radio and the show has been very well recieved internationally. In addition to "radio clandestino" I also dj clubs, bars, and parties, including a current monthly called "Sweet Exorcist", with DJ Snack Attack and a rotating third DJ. This party is held every third friday at the People's Pint in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It's an all-vinyl affair and we play soul, funk, afrobeat, reggae, and other styles.
I also designed a night called "Rumba Psicodelica!" for my obsession with latin and funk sounds. An all vinyl nite, I co-hosted it with DJ Studebaker Hawk, with DJ Bongohead as our very special guest. I'm looking for a spot in NYC to run this thing with my friend Mike Burke. Any ideas on where it would fly best let me know. BX, BK or Manhatten.

Aside from the rhythm/dance music I also have an major appreciation for more out sounds. I co-host another radio show on WMCB in Greenfield, MA called "the Alter-Destiny" with Ben Mocro. We play a wide spectrum of underground sounds old and new--garage, psych, punk, noise, free jazz, avant-garde, folk. So my tastes run far and wide.

I'm interested in so many things cultural and artistic, with a personal nod toward a universal and social consciousness. All things by people and nature for enjoyment of life. That is what this blog is/will be about. I hope folks would contribute some opinions and words here. Contact me. But generally speaking, I personally will probably be writing about music, film, fine beer, a unique perspective on sports, and social issues. Possibly some abstract works and writing as well. We'll see what happens.

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